Shards of Reality

Kai'enne Cybin Tyrmerik
3 December 1985
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details.unit-name: Kai'enne//

subject unstable: fragment personalities coherence in form//
[[one (1) permanent shard[aspect/self] (designated Cybin) | ebbing/flowing # of others//
[[city virus: carrier//

polyamourous./ primary[exo-self] affirmative//
Zenarchist intracognitive congregation subject to change without notice//

[Zen/witch/walker between worlds] follow [all paths/only path/Dhammapada] connected to source sees beyond//

abstraction, androgyny, angels, anti-oppression, attention deficit disorder, attention to detail, aum, bdsm, better living through chemistry, biochemical modification, boyish girls, branding, breathing, buddhism, candy, cantor set, cats, city virus, clairvoyance, conferences, convoluted answers, cooking, criss-cross dressing, crossdressing, cuddling, curry, cutting, cyberpunk, dancing, decieving outward appearances, diaphragmic breathing, dihydrogen monoxide, dividing by zero, diy body modification, doumbek, dreadlocks, emptiness, entropomancy, eternalism, etymology, extra-dimensional metaphysics, fallen angels, fem boys, fine coffee, fire poi, futurism, gas masks, gender-neutrality, glitch, glowsticking, goa, goths, graffiti, grammar, graphic novels, harmonica, harmony, healthy food, hive minds, illusion, impressionism, ineffability, ink, inner peace, intelligence, internal darkness, intimacy, irony, journeys into the mind, kali, ketamine, large hadron collider, lego, liquid personality, logic, love, lysergic acid diethylamide, magic, magic: the gathering, many-worlds interpretation, mathematics, medical fetish, mental flexibility, metagenderism, metroids, music, my lover maus, neutrois, pain, peace, phi, philospophy, phosphorescence, photonics, pi, play piercings, plurality, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconeosis, poetry, poison, precognition, pretty boys, prosopagnosia, psilocybe cubensis, psychology, psytrance, pushing limits, quantum mechanics, real-time anthropology, respect, rhetoric, ritual, sacred geometry, sapience, sapiosexuality, scarification, self-experimentation, self-harm, sensation, sex, sigils, singing, sparring, spirituality, spraypainting, square root of two, stenciling, synaesthesia, taoism, telepathy, the game, the invisibles, theology, toronto, transcendence, understanding, underwater evolution, unity, vegetarian sweat, vegetarianism, violin, void, wave-particle duality, wavefunction collapse, white light, witchcraft, world music, zen, zenarchy, zero